Join one of San Francisco’s Top Magicians for an
Afternoon of Great Magic for the Whole Family

Hello, I am Timothy Noonan, and I am in the process of
securing the new theater location.

Because of some unforseen delays, we are not finalized yet.

STAY TUNED, Looking to open around May 2, 2015.

We are excited for this move! Stay tuned!

Timothy Noonan | Owner – San Francisco Magic Show

You can make a difference too...First-time audiences and magic enthusiasts will have a blast watching The San Francisco Magic Show. Magician extraordinaire Timothy Noonan performs amazing and incredible feats of magic that will leave you astounded and amazed!

Timothy Noonan has got an amazing and original magic act… [The San Francisco Magic Show] is an appealing show for audiences of all ages—tourists and even locals, too!” – Leslie Katz, The SF Examiner

A portion of the proceeds from every ticket sold to the San Francisco Magic Show will benefit a local non-profit organization!

Create Memories, Have Fun, and Help Keep San Francisco Theater Alive. Reserve Your Seat Now!